Ehsan Mollazadeh, an artist born in Mashhad, Iran (1989), based in Trondheim, Norway, embodies a rich fusion of education and diverse artistic experiences. Expecting a Master’s of Fine Arts from NTNU in June 2024, and holding a Master’s in Animation and a Bachelor’s in Cinema from Soore University.

From lecturing at Art Faculty of Soore University (2018-2022) to his dynamic artistic portfolio, Ehsan seamlessly navigates between academia and practice. His recent works promise immersive video art installations, adding to his explorations of the tangible and ephemeral, through technical experiences with software such as TouchDesigner and Unity, adding a layer of interactivity to his works.

Ehsan's explorations extend beyond the visual arts, encompassing directorial roles and VFX supervision in documentaries, experimental, and fiction films. Ehsan's art invites exploration, reflecting the boundless possibilities at the intersection of technology and storytelling.

Central to Ehsan's artistic vision are themes rooted in his personal perspective on social issues and philosophical explorations, infusing depth and introspection into his works.


Video and Content Producer
(2022 - Present) Initial Force AS, Trondheim, Norway

Photo Documentation
(2022 - Present) NTNU University, Trondheim, Norway

Volunteer work at Restore
(2022 - 2023) Trondheim, Norway

Motion Designer, VFX Artist, SoMe Advisor
(2020 - 2022) Dayere Creative Agency, Tehran, Iran

Senior VFX Supervisor
(2018 - 2020) Naghshe Asar Studio, Tehran, Iran

Visiting Professor
(2018 - 2022) Faculty of Art, Soore University, Tehran, Iran

VFX and Motion Graphic Designer as a freelancer
(2009 - 2018) Tehran, Iran

Video Editor
(2006- 2009) Iran’s Broadcast Organization (IRIB), Mashhad, Iran


Kit NTNU University
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) (2022 - 2024)

Soore University
Master of Arts (M.A.) in Animation · (2013 - 2017)

Soore University
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Cinema · (2009 - 2013)

Soroush IRIB
directing course Diploma, Filmmaking · (2007 - 2009)

Main Projects

2023, Inner Echoes video art installation and performance (coming)

2023, Worlds Apart Interactive video art installation (coming)

2023, Cosmic Memories VR Visual Art

2022, Eternal Resonance Video Art

2022, Temporal Fusion Video Art

2021, Another Dimension Visual Art

2020, Feed My Mind Installation

2020, Karbafi Documentary short film, Director

2019, The Balloon Ballet Video Art Installation

2019, Radkan Tower Documentary short film, Director and VFX supervisor

2018, Reborn Video Art

2018, Golden time movie, VFX supervisor

2017, Emotions of nature Photography series

2017, Channel movie, VFX supervisor

2017, Return Experimental short film, Director

2015, Nobody dies here movie, VFX supervisor

2014, Merajiha TV series, VFX supervisor

2013, Merajiha movie, VFX artist

2012, The Cover Experimental video, Director

2012, Toranj movie, VFX artist

2012, The beginning Animation short film, Director

2011, Freedom of one person Experimental short film, Director

2010, To Fly Experimental short film, Director


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